We can’t believe it’s been 10 years already – we have so many fond memories of all the wonderful people we’ve met and the enriching conversations we’ve had with our guests over the years. We’ve always felt that how we welcome our guests is an important aspect of our B&B experience. We receive our guests just as we would receive friends: a smile and a firm handshake are the first thing we do to give our guests a warm welcome and set the tone for a pleasant stay.

Next, we give them a guided tour of the place to make them feel right at home.

And of course, Montreal is yours to discover – in recent years, much effort has gone into making the city more and more beautiful as we prepare for Montreal’s milestone 375th anniversary celebrations. We’re always happy to tell our guests all about our city, its parks and museums, and its festivals that reflect the city’s vibrant nature and our passion for nurturing culture.

Those 10 years flew by, and thanks to our guests we’ll be there to blow out the candles for our 11th and 12th birthdays, and many more to come.